The Land Options We Offer

At Nolan Farming our sharefarm & leasing agreements are tailored for individual needs.


  • Leasing is Tax-Free or Tax Efficient option for your land.
  • It is based on leasing of land from five to fifteen years.
  • BPS Entitlements can be leased in & its fully approved by the Department of Agriculture & Revenue.
  • The tax benefits are listed below.


Lease Duration Exemption Income
5 Years or more but less than 7 Years €18,000
7 Years or more but less than 10 Years €22,500
10 Years or more but less than 15 Years €30,000
15 Years or more €40,000


  • Share-farming involves two parties on the same area of land (the landowner and the share farmer).
  • Both parties share the benefits & the risks.
  • Simple & easy to understand with clear % returns before planting.
  • There is no fixed annual payment for the land.
  • Benefits to the landowner are as follows.
  • Retain control of the land to ensure it is farmed to the highest standards while also giving greater security & rewards from farming.
  • Higher returns when yields, weight gain & prices increase.
  • Provides increased buying & selling power as part of a larger unit.
  • Agreed proportional stake in sales (grain & straw) ensures farm returns.
  • It is fully approved by the Department of Agriculture & Revenue.
  • Allows farm machinery to be sold of farm to release capital for the land-owner.
  • Allows land owners to stay involved but also the chance to slow or step back from the daily workload involved with cereal production.
  • Teagasc Specialist can help out setting up the agreement where necessary.


  • Renting is a simple option for your land.
  • It is based on renting the land on a 11 month term.
  • It has no tax benefits.
  • It may suit some people with short term plans for their land.


  • Stubble-to-stubble is where all work is carried by my modern machinery on your land.
  • The land owner is responsible for all inputs.
  • The landowner fully owns the crop.
  • Nolan Farming does all machinery work and is responsible for growing the crop.
  • It is fully approved by the Department of Agriculture & Revenue.

Green Plus

  • The Green Plus option guarantees the landowner a minimum payment.
  • Of €100 per acre, plus their full BPS & once we have broke-even on machinery work associated with the crop, we then will split all profit 50/50.

Contract Farming

  • Contract farming is ideal for those wanting to reduce capital tied up in machinery or cut down on physical farm work.
  • New investors wanting some involvement & the tax advantages of land ownership but do not have farming experience.
  • Specialist field scale vegetable businesses.
  • Landowner provides land, bank account with an overdraft account to run the contract farming account.
  • The contractor provides labour, power, machinery & crop marketing (in discussion with the farmer) & Agronomy.

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